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Feeling anxious? Read this excerpt from Kali's book.


Join us for our 8th Belize Retreat, February 8-15, 2020. This yoga immersion is a great way to go deep - and escape winter.


New Philosophy and Meditation Course! Kaivalya Upanishad, Tuesday nights January 14-March 10. Tired of suffering? Join us! 


Looking for a small class where you receive personal attention and make rapid progress? Join us for Sunday Dharma Yoga 10-11:30am at 3759 N. Ravenswood, Ste. 228B. Our next session is January 5-February 1 ($100) or drop in ($25). 


Register for Our April 4-5 Retreat at the beautiful Port for Prayer before 2/1 and save $10.


Kali is available for private yoga lessons or workplace yoga in person or via Skype


Kali is quoted extensively in the Essential Guide to Yoga.

The January 2019 issue of Yoga Chicago magazine featured a profile of Kali. 

Chicago media legend Rick Kogan called Kali's book "absolutely fascinating" when he interviewed her on his WGN-AM radio show; hear it here.

Kali's new Beyond the Mat book is available on Amazon, Kindle, iBook, Kobo, Nook, and local bookstores. 


Which of the four main paths of yoga is right for you? Find out in this excerpt from Kali's book.


Kali's essay about her yogic lifestyle aired on Chicago Public Radio. Hear it here